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Transformer Rectifier Units (TR)
Impressed current anodes (ICCP)
Sacrificial Anodes (SACP)
Reference Electrodes (RE)
Junction Boxes / Test Stations
Corrosion Coupon / Probes
Spark gap / Surge arrestor
Polarization cells
Backfill Chemicals
Thermit weld tool kit & Accessories
Pin brazing

Junction Boxes

The following Junction Boxes are available and shall be supplied based on the Zone Classifications (Hazardous & Non –Hazardous) or client’s standard /specifications.

Enclosure : Painted MS/Powder coated MS/SS304/SS316L/FRP/GRP

Support : HDG steel pipe/channel

IP/NEMA : IP41/IP54/IP55/IP65/IP65W/IP67/NEMA 4/ NEMA 4X

  • 1. Anode Junction Boxes
  • 2. Cathode Junction Boxes
  • 3. Multipurpose Junction Boxes
  • 4. Reference cell Boxes
  • 5. Bond Boxes

Test Stations

The following type of test stations are available and test post support shall be supplied as per client requirement (HDG Pipe /HDPE Pipe)

  • 1. Big Fink type
  • 2. Condulet type ( 1 Pin / 3 Pin)

Big Fink
Big Fink
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