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Sacrificial Anodes (SACP)

The following types of Sacrificial Anodes are available and these can be supplied in variety of sizes or weights, as per client’s standards/specifications.

Aluminum Anodes:

Alloy type : Al-Zn-In (Galvalum –III, Alanode etc...)

Application : Ship, Boat, Barger, Pontoons, offshore platforms, Jetty, Wharf (Sea water), Condenser, Cooler, Water tank

Zinc Anodes:

Alloy type :

1. High Purity Zinc Anodes –ASTM B418 Type-II
2. Zinc Alloy Anodes -ASTM B418 Type -1, US Military A-18001

Application :

Buried Pipeline, Water tank, Ship, offshore platforms, Jetty, Condenser, Cooler, Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Grounding Cell, Tank Bottom

Magnesium Anodes

Alloy type :

1. High Potential Magnesium Anode
2. Magnesium Alloy Anode

Application :

Buried Pipeline, Valve, Hydrants, Potable Water, Crude tanks, Condenser, Cooler, Vessel, Heat Exchanger

Zinc Anodes
Magnesium anodes
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